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Is Flooding a Dangerous Situation in My Home?

8/22/2022 (Permalink)

storm warning sign along dark clouds It's always storm season in Florida. But no worries! SERVPRO is always available.

By Responding Quickly, Our Team Can Extract Water, Clean Surfaces, and Dry Up Flooding to Protect Your Coral Springs Home

There is considerable misinformation that circulates when entire communities suffer flood losses. In some situations, unknown companies pop up as restoration experts offering rates that seem too good to be true and want money upfront for work that never happens. When disasters damage your home, you want reliability, experience, and a fast response that can help you manage it.

Flood recovery for Coral Springs homes begins with understanding that these loss incidents can be hazardous to those without the appropriate personal protective equipment and knowledge to undertake the work safely. From muck-out cleaning and recovery to decontamination and disinfection of affected surfaces and contents, our SERVPRO professionals can ideally manage the widespread flood effects before the situation gets out of control.

What Are the Immediate Concerns in Flooding Situations?

It is vital to take note of the immediate concerns in your home following a flood. You might not have the experience that our SERVPRO team does, but you can still appreciate threats to your family and the structure. Standing water is one of these damaging contributing factors, as movement from the penetration point throughout the property can affect new materials and contents and become increasingly more challenging to restore. Here are some of the immediate threats that flooding can present to your home and its occupants:

  • Migrating Water - Migrating water can be one of the most significant obstacles our responding technicians must overcome when approaching flood loss recovery. While standing water and moisture damage where water penetrated the house can be challenging enough to overcome, the spread of these effects must get meticulously tracked and thoroughly addressed.
  • Structural Damage - In situations where flooding results from storm damage, structural compromise is likely. We can respond to this threat with controlled demolition practices and temporary construction solutions that prevent the flooding from worsening.
  • Contamination - Natural flooding in your home can welcome mud, debris, and potential contaminants. It is always the practice of our experienced professionals to consider every situation where natural flooding has occurred as a potentially contaminated environment.
  • Content Damage - Personal belongings are one of the things that make your house a home and are also one of the first items affected by penetrating water standing in the living spaces of your property. We have on-site restoration solutions and pack-out procedures that can restore damaged and soiled belongings at our SERVPRO facility.

How Do Professionals Address Standing Floodwater? 

Standing water is one of the unfortunate staples of many flooding situations and can be the challenge that must get addressed before other mitigation solutions can begin. The choice of what machines and devices play a role in water removal changes based on the depth of standing water, its location, and whether it is a clean-water incident or not. Some of the most common post-flood water removal tools we use are:

  • Gas-Powered Trash Pumps - These submersible pumps can remove high volumes of standing water, even with the potential threats of debris and solids present. The fact that it runs on fuel can also be beneficial in situations where portable power could be challenging.
  • Truck-Mount Pumps - The pumps hooked to extractor trucks in our SERVPRO Green Fleet are our technicians' most potent removal tools. With an extraction rate of 300 psi, we can quickly reduce standing water in open areas of the house.
  • Wet-Vacuums - While we do not look to vacuums for high water volume removal, they are ideal for less accessible spaces and to run multiple attachments and wands.

Can I Dry Up Flooding on My Own? 

It is a common belief that flooding might not be as bad as it seems. However, without sophisticated moisture detection tools and thermal imagery solutions, you might not even know about the migration of water damage and all the affected areas and materials in your home. Failing to address moisture concerns can lead to the development of microbial colonies. We have cutting-edge tools and equipment that can help through every phase of mitigation and recovery after a flood, including:

  • Air Movers
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Carpet Wands
  • Weighted Extractors
  • Positive Pressure Systems
  • Controlled Demolition

It is advisable to move quickly on flood damage and make smart decisions based on your knowledge or research of reputable restoration professionals. Give our SERVPRO of West Coral Springs / West Parkland team a call to help however you might need after a disaster at (954) 973-4130.

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