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How Quickly Should Floodwater Get Cleaned Up In Coral Springs?

6/28/2020 (Permalink)

living room flooded with floating chair From start to finish, the team at SERVPRO of West Coral Springs / West Parkland can handle your flood damage needs.

To Prevent Expensive Secondary Damage to Your Coral Springs Home, SERVPRO Suggests Fast Action with Skilled Flood Damage Techniques

Even if you have merely an inch or two of floodwater coming into your home, the damage can be immense if you do not act quickly. Water flooding in from a storm contains a variety of debris that can include mud, chemicals, fuel, and even fecal matter. This situation can turn into an unhealthy atmosphere for your family and any pets within the home, which calls for expert restoration. Our team at SERVPRO offers professional restoration services to remove water, clean your belongings, and restore your Coral Springs interior to preloss condition.

How Do I Know Where to Begin?

You can leave the planning and determining each phase of the cleanup to our crew after you call us to handle your flood damage in Coral Springs. We suggest that you move inhabitants and pets into another area of the home away from the water loss zone. If you plan on leaving and staying off-site during the cleanup, we offer board up services to cover any damaged doors and windows to keep anyone from making their way inside. In some situations, the use of security tape helps to mark off the perimeter and prevent others from entering.

Will Items Be Moved Out of My Home?

We do offer pack-out services when necessary. Our crew is detailed and careful when packing up and moving belongings to avoid breakage. We also keep an accurate inventory of all contents getting transferred, for your records and ours.

There are some alternatives to a full pack-out when you call us for flood damage restoration, including:

•    Partial Pack-Out – If your property is secure and safe, some items might get stored away from the affected area, such as a garage or outbuilding. Our team can move small items off-site for cleaning while storing larger items on your property. Any refrigerators or freezer units should never be unplugged for an extended period, so the storage of food items must be planned for accordingly.
•    Content Cleaning Before Moving – In some cases, we may be able to clean items before they get packed up and moved out. This reduces the steps where we would otherwise have to unpack things, clean them, re-pack them, and re-shelve at our warehouse. Tackling cleaning onsite also helps lessen handling times and the potential for damage.

Overall, the main goal is to execute prompt mitigation followed by demolition and drying so that we can restore your home to preloss condition. Our crew will adjust plans for pack-outs and moving everything accordingly so that we can reach our goals within the desired time frame.

How Much Equipment Do You Need?

SERVPRO follows a unique formula that allows us to determine the right equipment for the job and how many units are needed. We factor the following into our calculations:

•    We position air movers carefully to facilitate drying by enhanced airflow over every wet surface.
•    The number of air movers for each product help strike a balance with drying equipment. Not enough air movers mean a slower drying time.
•    Boosting the number of air movers within the loss zone puts more moisture into the environment. This helps the dehumidification equipment to pull out more moisture every hour.
•    All of this is done while carefully monitoring relative humidity levels. Secondary damage can occur if humidity levels stay high for too long within the home.

Depending on your project, our crew may set up what is known as drying zones. These drying zones are helpful when trying to get the most out of our industrial-grade equipment. Within a drying zone, SERVPRO can easily control:

•    Temperature
•    Humidity
•    Airflow

These three elements play a significant role in the rate of evaporation throughout the drying zone. We create each zone by putting up plastic sheeting or closing doors and windows to seal off openings between the flood zone and unaffected spaces within your home.

Do I Need to Worry About Mold?

With any water loss event, there is the potential for mold and mildew growth. Our team works rapidly to eliminate the onset of secondary damage, which includes bacterial and microbial growth. Mold spores are present at all times, yet they remain dormant until they have the right environment to thrive. Fast action after flood loss allows us to halt the spread and multiplication of these spores.

•    We utilize EPA-registered anti-microbial agents to treat the worksite before we begin.
•    Our crew looks for mold throughout the restoration process and treats it accordingly.
•    If we note that a mold colony begins to spread, we add a more detailed mold remediation phase to our flood recovery efforts.

From start to finish, the team at SERVPRO of West Coral Springs / West Parkland can handle your flood damage needs. To have a crew deployed to your home after storm flooding, call us 24/7 at (954) 973-4130.

Do I Need to Hire Several Different Contractors to Take Care of the Flooding Loss in My Home?

5/19/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technician talking to customer SERVPRO can handle all of your homes restoration needs. Give us a call anytime at (954) 973-4130.

Coral Springs Flood Damage Restoration Is Complicated, but SERVPRO Takes It All in Stride with Trained Crews and State-of-the-Art Equipment

Natural disasters like the seasonal storms we expect over the next several months can cause severe damage to homes in our area. Even though residents feel ready, the force of a particular weather event might overwhelm those preparations, water causing flooding through exterior damage and heavy rain or overland flooding, or both. A complex situation evolves, with a long list of tasks needing resolution. Who can help with all items on the agenda?

Do Local Flooding Recovery Firms Handle Repairs and Structural Concerns?

The unvarnished truth about storm-related flood damage in Coral Springs is that solutions often require orchestration of many mitigation, remediation, and restoration phases, tasks, and steps. Our mission is to follow a unified approach whereby our multi-certified managers and technicians handle all aspects of recovery from the initial safety assessment to the final walkthrough.

Why Does SERVPRO Feature a Construction Division?

During a flood damage restoration project, our customers and our team need skilled construction specialists to address safety considerations and to provide repairs and rebuilding services. 

During the initial safety review:

  • Boarding and tarping
  • Bracing and installing supports when walls, ceilings, and other structures threaten to weaken or collapse

During flood water removal and structural drying:

Performing controlled demolition

  • Flood cuts, exposing trapped water and providing access for air movement and dehumidification
  • Drilled or cut weep holes, releasing trapped water from a building cavity, cinder block or other foundation materials, or atop a ceiling in a planned, safe way

During build-back

Repairing and reconstructing storm, flood, and controlled demolition damage

Take heart when SERVPRO of West Coral Springs / West Parkland is your flood damage restoration partner. Our crews, reachable 24/7 at (954) 973-4130, offer wrap-around service, the successful outcome inspiring your relief that our efforts made it “Like it never even happened.”

Contractor Licenses:

Commercial: CBC1261730

Mold Remediation: MRSR2994

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How Do I Restore My Coral Springs Home After Flood and Wind Damage?

4/9/2020 (Permalink)

storm damaged home “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO Provides Mitigation and Restoration Services for Flood- and Wind-Damaged Coral Springs Properties

Flooding and wind damage are among the two most common causes of damages to residential structures. Not only can flooding and winds damage your structure, but floodwaters can affect the safety of your home.

Did you know that SERVPRO can assist you with your Coral Springs home insurance claim after flood and wind damage? Services include:

    •    Comprehensive pack-out procedures. SERVPRO techs can perform a pack-out to move your belongings to our specialized cleaning facilities to minimize flood damage and maximize restoration opportunities.
    •    Sophisticated inventory software. Restoration pros use inventory software to document, photograph, and record belongings. Not only does this keep track of your possessions, but it can also aid your Proof of Loss filing.
    •    Effective off-site cleanup. SERVPRO warehouses are packed with restoration tools and EPA-registered biocides. Whether you need documents frozen and dried or furniture requires extra care during cleanup, technicians strive to minimize your replacement costs.

Call SERVPRO of West Coral Springs / West Parkland at (954) 973-4130 for service that makes your home look, “Like it never even happened.”

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Avoid Delays When Dealing with Coral Springs Flooding

1/30/2020 (Permalink)

aerial picture of a flooded area When flooding devastates the area, be the first one to seek water removal and remediation services from SERVPRO. We handle both large and small scale.

Protecting Contents of Flooded Coral Springs Homes

Flooding situations can immediately threaten entire levels of Coral Springs homes. Intruding water can carry all manner of debris, bacteria, and other contaminants into the residence, threatening both the structural elements and exposed contents in the home. Protecting your belongings is a priority of our responding SERVPRO restoration technicians, and we have many levels of care that we can provide in this time of need.

Even pre-mitigation, one of the emergency services that our team can provide against threatening flood damage in Coral Springs homes is immediate content management. While more complex solutions like pack-out procedures take coordination and multiple technicians working toward this recovery, short-term solutions can often have a similar ability to prevent irreparable harm to your belongings.

Working with Our Customers 

No one knows your home as you do, and we rely on your input and information when beginning all emergency services and mitigation tasks. We want to make sure that we are meeting your expectations, and part of that commitment is protecting the belongings and treasures that you hold most dear when possible after a flood loss.


Before the full measure of our restoration technicians arrive with the restoration equipment and products that your residence needs, we can start with preliminary content management. Moving items out of the path of migrating floodwater can protect it from devastating deterioration and irreparable damages. From moving your possessions up a floor in your residence to an unaffected garage, finding a safe storage area on-site is vital.

Pack-Out Services

The top tiers of our content management services involve carefully packing and removing your belongings, furniture, and other possessions from the scene. We can transport these items to our nearby SERVPRO facility for focused cleaning, drying, decontamination, deodorization, and safe storage. We can restage these possessions in their specific rooms and positions to make the move-back process efficient when restoration completes inside the house.

Flooding can be a traumatic situation for homeowners and can destroy many of the belongings that make your house a home. You can count on our SERVPRO of West Coral Springs / West Parkland team to make flood losses “Like it never even happened,” by calling (954) 973-4130.

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We Have The Training And Equipment To Handle Your Coral Springs Flood Damage

12/11/2019 (Permalink)

Our air movers and dehumidifiers working to dry the floor in this home Our technicians use air movers along with dehumidifiers to target areas with higher moisture levels after flood damage hits a home.

Removing Floodwater to Begin Controlled Demolition in Coral Springs

Natural flooding can pose several threats to your Coral Springs home, and its direct effect on the composition of exposed materials is one of its highest. There are many instances where widespread flooding equates to a need for controlled demolition and reconstruction. To reach the point where controlled demolition can occur, our SERVPRO team must gain control of the situation through extraction and preliminary drying efforts.

Natural flooding scenarios present the possibility of contamination, as all manner of foreign substances, bacteria, and chemicals could exist with the flood damage in Coral Springs homes. Addressing these concerns is often a matter of preventative approaches, working to rebuild after exposure rather than clean and disinfect surfaces. Carpets, flooring, trim, drywall, and other porous materials are the most sensitive to the damage that contaminated water can do. Allowing these wet materials to stay in the house can amplify the production of microbial threats and present a hazardous situation that threatens the health of those exposed.

With standing water, especially situations where flash flooding or natural flooding has brought debris, mud, and sediment into your home, trash pumps are an ideal choice for extraction. These self-priming machines can manage both water and a moderate volume of debris and solids through a 4” or larger discharge hose. In most situations, we can attach this discharge directly to the sewer cleanout for the household to safely dispose of the contaminated water to a facility equipped to manage these flood damage threats.

With extraction and vacuuming complete, we can work on assessing the severity of saturated construction materials in the house. Establishing a dryline, especially in wall surfaces, can stop the wicking of moisture up the wall and remove potential catalysts for microbial and bacterial threats in the house our SERVPRO cleaning technicians must address. This work gets overseen and completed by our competent, licensed (#MRSR2994) mold remediation contractors.

Flooding is a challenging situation, especially when contamination could be a factor. Our SERVPRO of West Coral Springs / West Parkland team has capable training and equipment to manage these biohazards and make flood losses “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call anytime you need us at (954) 973-4130.

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Recent Storms Caused Your Coral Springs Home to Flood. What's Next?

10/28/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO equipment stacked outside of a home No matter the job size, we are equipped to handle all of your water restoration needs. Call us today!

Can Flood Water Removal Save Coral Springs Homes? 

Water damage from groundwater is one of the single most devastating disasters a home can have. It is filthy, sludgy, often smelly water, and even half an inch has the potential to leave the house destroyed.  

Flood water removal from Coral Springs homes takes place in different ways, depending on the amount of water. SERVPRO technicians have access to a diverse array of water extraction and drying equipment to ensure the home is clean, disinfected, and ready for any repairs or rebuilding.  

Fastest Extraction Methods

Safely removing groundwater is a priority. SERVPRO technicians test the floodwater to determine the nature of any contaminants and the presence of bacteria or sewage. Different kinds of contaminants require various cleaning applications for a successful outcome. Technicians use portable pumps on smaller-scale water loss cleanups, while for large-size house floods, truck-mounted trash pumps make short work of water, sludge, and debris removal.  

Avoiding Mold Growth

Airborne mold spores remain present both inside and outside of Florida homes. When they encounter the highly humid ambient conditions inside properties with flood damage, they have the potential to germinate and infest the premises quickly. The technicians have training and certification in mold remediation #MRSR2994 and know the early warning signs to stop mold colonies before they set up home in the property. 

Flood Damage Usually Looks Worse Before Getting Better

Because of the way sheetrock wicks moisture, it often requires cutting away using a method known as flood cuts. This action fully opens up wall cavities for complete drying, Due to the contaminated nature of black water; unfortunately, most porous items such as carpet and padding have no restoration potential and require disposal.  

Less Stress for Repairs and Rebuilding

SERVPRO has a general contractor license #CBC1261730 and offers homeowners both restoration and reconstruction services. Since the technicians carefully document each action during mitigation, they already know the areas that require rebuilding. Plus, homeowners do not have to spend time finding and verifying outside contractors to do any necessary repairs.  

SERVPRO of West Coral Springs / West Parkland at (954) 973-4130 stands ready to assist local properties with any flood water removal needs. The technicians show up quickly and leave the property, "Like it never even happened."

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Our Technicians Discuss Problems To Expect After A Flood In Your Coral Springs Home

8/29/2019 (Permalink)

A room damaged by a flood, showing the water line and the sediment Flooding can cause a myriad of problems in your property.

Problems To Expect After Flood Damage In Your Coral Springs Property

Among the different types of losses that can affect your property, flooding is the hardest to control since, in most cases, such an incident results from a severe weather event affecting broad areas.  When flooding affects your Coral Springs property, it is good to be prepared to deal with a wide range of problems. Being prepared can help you cope with the loss and ensure you work smoothly with the professionals you hire.

Throwing Valuables Away
One problem you should expect after flood damage in your Coral Springs property is the need to dispose of items that you might believe to be in perfect physical condition. Cases involving groundwater are the worst because such water contains chemicals and biohazards among other contaminants. You have to throw away carpets, pad, upholstery items, and other contents exposed to the contaminants. Our SERVPRO technicians can help clean high valued rugs and collectibles.

Water in Concealed Areas
As the floodwater flows unhindered through your property, some of it might reach concealed areas.  Drying such areas is a challenge, and leaving the water untouched can lead to severe problems such as mold infestations. Common areas that can present this challenge include wall cavities, subfloors, and walls concealed by cabinets, among others. Removing such water might require demolition or use of specialized equipment. Our SERVPRO technicians can use Injectidry systems and drying mats to remove water from concealed areas. We handle any necessary demolition, whether it is making flood cuts or punching vent holes. We also rebuild and refinish the affected areas eliminating traces of the damage “Like it never even happened.”

Damaged Electronics and Electrical Systems
If the water rises to higher levels, it can reach electrical outlets. In other cases, such as when strong winds tear-off part of the roof, the water may flow into the house from an elevated point, thus affecting electrical systems and electronic items. Water damage in electronics might not be visible, so you should not operate any electronic item before they are checked by a professional.

Flooding can cause a myriad of problems in your property. Call SERVPRO of West Coral Springs / West Parkland to help you fix them. You can reach us any time at (954) 973-4130.

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