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What Questions Should I Ask Before Hiring a Coral Springs Company to Repair Water Damage?

7/26/2020 (Permalink)

water leaking under a door into a room in a house To minimize the damage of a water leak in your home, get the professionals involved immediately. Call SERVPRO for water damage mitigation.

SERVPRO Techs Have All the Answers for Cleaning up and Restoring Your Coral Springs Home From Water Loss

The chances of lessening loss to your home and contents work in your favor if you take two steps. The first is to begin the cleanup as rapidly as possible after the initial incident, and the second is to bring in professional help. There are a few things you should nail down before you decide on a restoration services company. Good questions to ask include:  

  • Are your employees trained and certified?  
  • Do you work with my insurance?
  • How do you handle out of the scope of coverage needs?  
  • Do you get approval before the disposal of loss items?

Can Water Restoration Companies Handle a Cleanup With Sewage? 

When your damage problem includes sewage in your Coral Springs home, not all water restoration companies have the training and experience to mitigate this kind of loss. Specific elements SERVPRO techs do during this kind of cleanup entail:  

  • Testing the water for the presence of bacteria or pathogens
  • Extraction and safe disposal of the water
  • Disinfection of the loss area

When Mold is Part of the Problem 

Mold can become an issue if conditions become favorable for mold spore germination and growth. Once established, the colonies can spread rapidly and require professional attention to ensure the infestation gets removed and does not come back. SERVPRO techs have comprehensive training in all aspects of mold remediation #MRSR2994 and know the early warning signs of a mold colony setting up home within the property. They have the equipment to contain, dry, and perform abatement. Afterward, if needed, the techs can treat the loss area with antimicrobial sealants to keep the mold from returning.

SERVPRO of West Coral Springs / West Parkland at (954) 973-4130 is the gold standard among water restoration companies. Their certified and trained technicians arrive quickly and return your home to its preloss condition.

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Should I Be Worried About Water in My Crawlspace?

6/9/2020 (Permalink)

dry crawlspace Summer rains can case water to enter your crawlspace. SERVPRO has the experience to restore your home.

Let Our SERVPRO Experts in Coral Springs Take Care of Little Problems Before They Become Big Ones 

Even a small amount of water in the crawlspace under your Coral Springs home can lead to big problems. Any moisture that is allowed to remain can cause damage. It is only a matter of time before something happens. Why not head off problems by letting our mitigation team take care of it now?

What causes water to accumulate in a crawlspace?

There are different reasons water damage can happen in your Coral Springs residence. Seeing water in your crawlspace, even a small amount, can mean hidden problems. Some of these can include: 

  • Poor drainage
  • High water table
  • Heavy rainfall
  • Cracked walls 
  • Leaking pipes 

Small Problems Can Lead to Big Ones 

Because your crawlspace sits on top of your foundation, any standing water is an issue. What may seem minor on inspection can lead to foundation issues that can make the home inhabitable. Here are some things you do not want to deal with: 

  • Over time crawlspace moisture can cause water damage to your supporting beams and the concrete foundation.
  • Pests of all sorts love warm, damp locations.
  • It can lead to mold growth.
  • A hidden pipe link can lead to a burst pipe, causing more extensive damage. 

By calling in SERVPRO emergency mitigation experts, you can prevent these small issues from doing severe water damage. Our Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) technicians get trained to look for even the slightest water loss. We move swiftly to remove the water flow and moisture. Our techs track the moisture to its source and take steps to resolve the problem where it begins.  

Contact SERVPRO of West Coral Springs / West Parkland at (954) 973-4130 for quality water damage service that is Faster To Any Size Disaster. 

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What Tools Are Used to Dry Water-Damaged Structures?

4/26/2020 (Permalink)

blower drying wet carpet SERVPRO technicians of Coral Springs is determined to fix your water damaged flooring

Our SERVPRO Professionals Use Efficient Drying Tools to Maximize Drying Goals in Coral Springs Homes.

The restoration of water damaged structures can often fall to the capable hands of our SERVPRO technicians. With cutting-edge tools and equipment and extensive experience in water restoration, we can offer efficient and focused attention to your Coral Springs home after a disaster occurs. From the removal of standing water on the floors to structural woes that could exist after prolonged exposure, we have a team of professionals to help.

Understanding the extent of water damage to Coral Springs homes is the start of recovery and restoration. Our experts can work directly with our customers to determine the extent of the damage and any pre-existing conditions. This evaluation can help in streamlining the drying approach by having our restorers focus on the materials and contents impacted directly by the water loss. Streamlining recovery saves customers time and money and can reduce the production of microbial threats.

What are Air Movers?

Understanding the drying process begins with an introduction to one of its most productive tools, the air mover. High-velocity fans like these can harness airflow to maximize drying efficiency along with the appropriate temperature and humidity.

Centrifugal Air Movers

We have hundreds of air movers in our inventory of recovery tools, and centrifugal units serve a specific purpose. These machines produce a powerful blast of concentrated air that can get directed at specific points in a damaged material or possession, allowing focused evaporative power on a specific point. These are turbine type devices for generating the prescribed circulation patterns.

• Low-Profile Air Movers

These same machines have a low-profile model that can help our professionals to reach challenging areas that might otherwise be impossible to dry. These units can also be the ideal choice when carpet floating is a beneficial drying approach for your flooring. Some have several different snouts that can be attached for specific force and patterns of air movement.

Axial Air Movers

These air movers are intended for broader use in open environments. They expel a substantial volume of air, allowing the increase of airflow throughout the entire affected area at once. Evaporation can increase even more when axial units get daisy-chained together by plugging one unit into the next to focus several machines on the same damaged area simultaneously. Often these can be placed at exit points to create a negative airflow as moist, interior air is channeled to the outside.

What Role Do Dehumidifiers Play in Drying?

Dehumidifiers have a straightforward role in the drying of damaged homes, especially with the effectiveness of air movers in the drying space. The evaporation of moisture in materials throughout a region of your house gets added to the humidity in the environment of the house. Dehumidifiers can condense this water vapor to reduce excessive relative humidity levels that can encourage the presence and spread of microbial threats along with secondary water damage to contents.

When Do Specialty Drying Tools Get Used?

There are many instances where air movers can still be effective and efficient in drying the house, but other specialty equipment might get the job done faster. Our SERVPRO team focuses on the quickest and most thorough drying practices, and that might include the use of several drying or extraction tools such as:

• Floor Mat Systems
Hard flooring systems like tile and wood planks can be challenging to dry and recover if water has absorbed into the material or gotten underneath it somehow. Drying mats can be vital for removing moisture from the floor and its subflooring materials without overly rapid removal that might damage wood plank floors.

• Positive Pressure Systems
Wall systems and structural cavities can be susceptible to migrating moisture like anywhere else in your home. Instead of immediately removing large portions of the drywall and other affected materials, it is possible to promote evaporation in these cavities with positive pressure systems. We can drill small holes behind the baseboard and feed air tubes into the wall at multiple points to force heated air into the space and dry it out. We can also drill small holes at the ceiling level to amplify air circulation within the wall cavities.

• Weighted Extractors
Weighted extractors are an ideal tool for use on carpeted floors as it forces moisture to the surface from both the carpet fibers and the padding simultaneously. An onboard vacuum removes this water before more direct drying practices can begin.

How Do I Clean After a Water Loss Incident?

• Residue and Soil Removal
Our professionals must often wipe down surfaces and clean up contents exposed to standing water and migrating loss effects after a disaster. We have a line of robust cleaning agents and chemicals that can restore the look and feel of materials and contents of your house.

• Carpet Cleaning
Excessive water loss emergencies can leave carpets worse for wear than ever before, but our premier cleaning practices can help. Through pre-conditioning treatments and hot water extraction cleaning, you can have the vitality of your carpet back.

• Deodorization
While odors are not always a hurdle after water losses, their presence can be unmistakable and challenging to live with when they do exist. We have numerous tools and products to help neutralize harsh odors, including thermal foggers and ozone machines. The key to odor control post-extraction is the establishment of preloss moisture content levels. Hidden water can and will produce malodors.

We can help your house feel like home again after a water loss. Give our SERVPRO of West Coral Springs / West Parkland team a call today at (954) 973-4130.

Restorers Conducting Water Cleanup In Parkland Know That Carpets Can Be Constructed By Tufting

2/26/2020 (Permalink)

Carpet cleaning We work to improve the quality of your carpeting after a water event.

You Should Always Have a Plan For the Possibility of Water Damage in your Parkland Home 

If liquid H2O ever builds up inside your Parkland residence, your carpets can become one of the first of your building materials to become negatively affected. Since your carpeting consists of porous fibers, it can absorb a large amount of moisture over a short period, and calling in a professional restoration company such as SERVPRO can quickly become a necessity. Restoring and cleaning carpets can prove to be both an art and a science.

Since our SERVPRO technicians receive training surrounding all aspects of conducting water cleanup in Parkland, we have what it takes to restore and clean negatively affected carpets. As a part of our practice, we all study how to best restore the different types of the carpet's construction. Having knowledge of the way manufacturers create flooring materials helps us figure out the best way to save and restore each type of carpet that exists inside your dwelling. For example, all carpets are made with some sort of fibers put together by a backing that is more often than not comprised of organic substances such as paper.

The most common type of carpet used these days are tufted, which means that tufting machines produce them. Tufted carpeting is popular because production with these building materials happens at a more rapid pace than other types. The creation of tufted carpets takes place at a rate that is ten to twenty times faster than trying to weave the fibers to produce the flooring material. Since producing tufted carpeting is so much quicker than other manufacturing methods, this type of flooring is substantially cheaper than different kinds of carpet.

The construction of a tufted carpet can be accurately compared to the composition of your average sandwich. This type of flooring consists of a face yarn layer, primary backing, a latex adhesive, and at times a secondary backing. The quality of each substance that makes up the carpet plays a role in the overall cleanability and ability to restore your flooring materials.

Restoring carpets can often require advanced skills and industry knowledge. When help from the professionals is inevitable, call SERVPRO of West Coral Springs / West Parkland at (954) 973-4130 24/7.

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Our Experts Can Save Your Water And Mold Damaged Home In Coral Springs

1/12/2020 (Permalink)

water damaged home Combat the primary and secondary effects of a water incident in your home.

Tackling Microbial Growth during Water Damage Restoration of your Coral Springs Home

Careful containment of a water issue can play a vital role in mitigating losses. By working methodically, you cannot only achieve a thorough restoration but keep replacement materials to a minimum. As a homeowner, containment may be as simple as closing or blocking doorways as well as moving light furniture or electronics away from the affected area. If you do decide to move items out of the affected area, laying down a protective covering to temporarily place items can reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

To efficiently tackle water damage in your Coral Springs home, you may want to focus first on preventing water migration. Water migration can lengthen the restoration task requiring complex equipping and invasive procedures to gain access to cavities or other areas. SERVPRO technicians can use light wand extractors to carefully dry the outer regions of a room and halt water migration. At the same time, the remaining moisture is dealt with using air movers or dehumidification.

Water incidents can exponentially increase the harm to your home over time because of microbes. Microbes are living organisms that can reproduce in wet conditions and cause permanent damage to the porous materials in your home environment. The most common microbial infestation is mold. However, bacteria and viruses can also be present in water. With temperature, water, and food supply, these microbial organisms can quickly grow out of control producing unpleasant odors or soiling on your contents.

Acting quickly to remove moisture is an effective preventative measure against microbial growth, but there are also deterrents and cleaning agents capable of destroying these contaminants. The restoration trucks SERVPRO use contain a full-range of chemical compounds to combat microbial growth. Disinfectants are useful in destroying microbial organisms. Anti-microbial compounds may also be necessary as a deterrent against future mold growth, which SERVPRO can apply to carpets and upholstery using pressure sprays or misters.

Combat the primary and secondary effects of a water incident in your home. Contact SERVPRO of West Coral Springs / West Parkland at (954) 973-4130.

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Our Experts Discuss Should You Restore Your Coral Springs Home After A Water Damage Incident?

11/23/2019 (Permalink)

water damage in home after leak Call us at (954) 973-4130 and let us leave your home, “Like it never even happened.”

Should I Really Restore my Own Home In Coral Springs After Water Damage?

Whether you're a homeowner or a renter, it is up to you to keep up your home. To this end, you probably take great care in changing your A/C filter periodically, making sure your landscaping is not overgrown and repairing any broken appliances. However, even the most diligent of homeowners are vulnerable to a broken pipe in a bathroom or kitchen. Just a bit of bad luck is enough to allow water to cover your floors and soak into your cabinets, leaving you in need of a professional service capable of restoring the water damage. As much as you would like to attempt the repair yourself, by doing so, you could be exacerbating the need for future repairs, which is why it is best to call an experienced team.

If this story of water damage applies to your Coral Springs home, you are not alone. SERVPRO is available 24/7 to become your greatest ally in eliminating all trace of water from your bathroom or kitchen. Contact us and let our team get to work.  Until we arrive, you can assist the water removal process by soaking up as much water as you can with towels as well as promoting air circulation in the affected area. Once we are at your home, we can support your efforts with industry-grade air movers and extractors that help speed up the process.

The expertise of our SERVPRO water restoration technicians (WRT) guides them to look into hard to reach places to evaluate the damage. For example, the back of a kitchen or bathroom cabinet may show excess moisture even when the rest of the area looks like it is already dry. To dry behind the cabinet, we may carefully remove the toe kick and drill small holes into it to allow the passage of air underneath the cabinet. The toe kick itself may receive treatment to prevent the growth of bacteria before being put back on and subsequently covered with the original molding. Most people outside the industry don't know enough about drying to attempt this restoration step, but at SERVPRO, it is part of our routine assessment.

SERVPRO of West Coral Springs / West Parkland is your resource regardless of the size of your water damage. Our main goal is to minimize the impact of the leak now and in the future, and our expertise allows us to succeed. Call us at (954) 973-4130 and let us leave your home, “Like it never even happened.”

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Professional Water Removal Overview for Your Coral Springs Residence

9/29/2019 (Permalink)

Red couch with water on the floor under the couch. We know what it takes to get the job done for your Coral Springs water damage.

We know what it takes to get the job done for your Coral Springs water damage.

When your Coral Springs home faces exposure to significant water incursion, you need to arrange for the fast and thorough evacuation of the fluids. Water is a surprisingly corrosive substance, capable of causing substantial damage to both structural components and the contents of your dwelling in a matter of hours. Our Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)-trained managers and technicians bring the requisite knowledge, experience, and equipment to mitigate and remediate the water damage.  

Damage Assessment and Project Planning

A seasoned project manager evaluates the damage and develops a plan for rapid water removal in your Coral Springs dwelling. We visually inspect the affected area and also use specialized devices to help trace the migration of water from the initial loss site. Water can percolate through several layers of flooring and seep into cavities behind walls, below floors, and above ceilings. Instruments like thermal imaging cameras and moisture detectors help us locate trapped water and determine the spread of moisture absorbed into building materials and fixtures.

We Prepare to Avoid Work Delays

Once we assess the site, our Water Damage Restoration Technicians (WRT) can begin water removal immediately because we stock all needed equipment on our signature green vehicles. Submersible pumps carry water deeper than two inches away while wanded, truck-mounted extractors and squeegees suction fluids off surfaces and from floor coverings. SERVPRO knows the more liquid we extract, the more efficient structural drying strategies can be. 

Do Not Fear Controlled Demolition 

To gain access to hidden water and damp building, cavities SERVPRO uses techniques like weep holes and flood cuts. Careful punching of drainage holes releases water in ceilings or behind bubbling paint. We often choose to cut soaked drywall several inches above the water line to remove it for more thorough extraction and to permit warm, moving air to begin the structural drying process. After the water removal and drying, we arrange for repair, replacement, and rebuilding of structures partially removed or damaged.

Water Removal Includes the Drying Protocol

Excess moisture provides a perfect growing environment for mold, so SERVPRO must bring structural and ambient moisture levels to normal. Our Applied Structural Drying (ASD) crew positions commercial air movers and adjust temperatures to move water from building materials to the air as vapor. HIgh-efficiency dehumidifiers capture and condense or absorb the vapor for disposal.

SERVPRO of West Coral Springs / West Parkland offers a highly-qualified team of water removal experts to members of our community. Call (954) 973-4130 for an assessment, water removal plan, and implementation 24/7.

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Our Technicians Discuss The Principles Of Water Damage Restoration In Coral Springs

8/3/2019 (Permalink)

Call us at (954) 973-4130 to begin the process as soon as possible for the best outcome.

Principles Of Water Damage Restoration In Coral Springs

When your Coral Springs home suffers a water loss the cause is not as important as the response. Dramatic events like storms or floods are far less likely than a leaky pipe or a malfunctioning household appliance. No matter the route water took to get into your home, we systematically work to remove it and dry out the wet structural components. Following industry best practices developed by the international standard-setting Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) ensures success.

Expect our crew leader to perform an individualized assessment of the water damage done in your Coral Springs home. We pride ourselves on a thorough evaluation of your scenario and adapt our response to the particular circumstances of your emergency. Our IICRC-trained technicians carefully consider not only the water we see but also the moisture that migrated away from the initially affected area.

SERVPRO service vehicles stock multiple submersible pumps, wanded extractors, air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers to accomplish water removal and structural drying. We also have moisture meters and thermal imaging devices to assist as we map out the accurate dimensions of the water infiltration in your home.

We remove standing water, both visible and hidden, with pumps or extractors. If needed, we perform controlled demolition such as flood cuts or drilled holes to access trapped water and to enhance the effect of our drying equipment in confined spaces. Only when the SERVPRO crew is satisfied that no liquid water remains do we switch the focus to Applied Structural Drying (ASD).

This discipline shortens drying times and makes it much less likely that progressive deterioration and secondary damage such as mold damage occurs. Our ASD-certified technicians deploy air movers, dehumidifiers, and other drying equipment as intended per your personalized drying plan. We monitor moisture and temperature using sensitive devices, controlling the relative humidity RH and specific humidity (SH) to create an optimal environment for efficient drying.

Depend on SERVPRO of West Coral Springs / West Parkland to manage your water damage emergency professionally. Call us at  (954) 973-4130 to begin the process as soon as possible for the best outcome.

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