What our Customers say...

Fire Damage Testimonials

You crew saved my back patio from the damage my grill had done to it. You couldn’t tell there had been a fire in any way. No trace left behind. Awesome work. I’ll make sure I tell my friends.

After the fire in my house and the use of the wrong fire extinguisher, SERVPRO showed me all the categories of extinguishers for homes. I know all the levels now thanks to them. SERVPRO taught me something that day.

I thought my kitchen was in for a rude awakening with the fire in there. Your team handled the fire like I expected them to do, but they surprised me with how they eliminated the sulfuric odor too. Thanks.

Glad things are back to normal after my daughter's curling iron burned out the bathroom and hallway. Cost less than I expected, too.

It really helped when your employees moved all my yard equipment and my Dad's tools to your storage area for safekeeping. We still don't know who started the garage's fire but it looks like new again. Definitely recommending you in the future.

Thank you for talking to me and my wife about what our kitchen needed before we could move the kids back home. She felt a lot better after you explained that it was not as bad as it looked.