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Does SERVPRO Handle All Flood Damage Issues in Coral Springs Properties?

6/10/2021 (Permalink)

palm trees swaying and heavy rain during storm Storms are prevalent in our area year-round. SERVPRO is always on call to remediate any storm damage.

SERVPRO Offers More than Water Removal Services from Flooded Coral Springs Homes

During a flooding incident in Coral Springs, the most discernible issue is water accumulation on various surfaces causing many inconveniences. However, removing the water might not be an adequate solution.

One way to satisfactorily address flood damage at your Coral Springs home is to involve a professional team. SERVPRO offers a bouquet of services that help resolve the entire flooding issue “Like it never even happened.”

A typical response to flooding involves:

The process may also involve other methods such as controlled demolition and rebuilding sections of the structure where the effects of flooding cause irreversible damage. Odors also tend to develop because of the presence of chemical and biological wastes in the floodwaters. Our SERVPRO technicians handle all the additional problems during the flood restoration exercise. For instance, we use penetrative moisture meters to test the level of wetness in materials such as wood frames, drywall panels, and any other affected items. Depending on the readings, we can decide whether to attempt drying or tear them down. In many cases, we make flood cuts along the base of the walls creating room to remove the deteriorated panels, insulation, and other unsalvageable materials.

SERVPRO of West Coral Springs / West Parkland handles flood damage professionally, resolving all problems that arise. Call us at (954) 973-4130. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster

Can Water Cleanup Help Restore Stained Carpets in Parkland Properties?

6/2/2021 (Permalink)

female toddler laying on carpet; toys in background Floods can damage carpet. SERVPRO has the cleaning agents and tools to dry and restore your carpet.

SERVPRO Cleans Up Stained Materials When Delivering Water Removal Services in Parkland

If the water that spills in your Parkland home can be classified in the grey category, there is a high likelihood of soiling items such as carpets or upholstery. You might even worsen the problem if you attempt to clean the affected areas but use the wrong detergents.

When you engage a professional to handle the water cleanup in your Parkland property, you do not have to worry about patches and stains. The team SERVPRO sends to your property includes IICRC certified Carpet Cleaning Technicians who have all the resources and skills to manage stains, spots, and other stubborn soiling caused by water intrusion.

Water leaks that soil your property can be caused by:

  • Emergency services water damage
  • Ceiling leaks
  • Leaking roof from storms

Resolving the soiling caused by a water spill “Like it never even happened,” requires several things, including a proper comprehension of the type of material affected and the category of substance involved, so our SERVPRO technicians pretest the affected materials first. That way, it is possible to choose the correct cleaning agent and method.

Typical cleaning approaches include:

  • Hot water extraction for carpets and fabrics
  • Bonnet carpet cleaning
  • Deluxe preconditioner

Appropriate drying procedures also help guarantee that stains do not develop when finalizing the cleanup. Our SERVPRO technicians expedite evaporation rates by positioning air movers around the wet areas of the property.

SERVPRO of West Coral Springs / West Parkland is an experienced service provider offering water cleanup in all property types. Call us at (954) 973-4130 to ensure you get the anticipated results.

Does SERVPRO Help with Stovetop Flash-Fire Damage in Coral Springs Properties?

5/28/2021 (Permalink)

fire damaged kitchen; charred cabinets; smoke damaged walls Sometimes we need to remove charred structural items. But no worries! SERVPRO will make your home "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Handles All Cases Requiring Fire Damage Restoration in Coral Springs

Seemingly minor issues can lead to fire damage in sections of your Coral Springs home. For instance, a stovetop flash fire may not burn down your house, but it leaves significant smoke damage for you to clean up.

Since professional fire damage restorers in Coral Springs are known for handling major restoration tasks, you might be afraid that the cleanup of only a small section of your property might not interest them or be cost-prohibitive. SERVPRO offers scalable services suitable even for a limited loss.

Limited loss situation may necessitate various responses, including:

Any fire leaves a mixture of damages. Our SERVPRO technicians take some steps, such as removing contents and building materials deemed unsalvageable early in the effort to resolve fire damage. If the flames left deep charring in fixtures such as cabinets, we perform controlled demolition, removing only the damaged materials and saving the rest.

For other issues, such as thick layers of residue, we use specialized cleaning techniques such as soda blasting as part of the smoke remediation. During the process, our SERVPRO technicians direct sodium bicarbonate pellets towards the soiled surfaces using pressurized air. The soda particles disintegrate when they hit the surface, removing the layer of smoke residues or charring without causing other damages. Though it sounds like a violent action, in reality, it is very gentle, as the compound is soft.  

SERVPRO of West Coral Springs / West Parkland uses other customized solutions to resolve fire damage issues that might arise. Call us at (954) 973-4130 for a unique solution to the problem you face.

What Are Thorough Drying Practices After Water Damage for Coral Springs?

5/12/2021 (Permalink)

an overflowing sink with water everywhere Excess water needs thorough removal. Our technicians have the tools to measure the excess water in your home. Call right away.

Efficient Drying Involves Multiple Tools for Coral Springs Properties

Drying is a universal need in water damage restoration call-outs. Regardless of the severity of damage to the property, some degree of moisture removal is necessary. Some of the tools for this include:

  • Centrifugal air movers
  • Trailered generators
  • Desiccant and LGR dehumidifiers
  • Axial air movers
  • Portable electric heaters

Can Thorough Drying Prevent Controlled Demolition in Coral Springs?

Drying is one of the most critical water damage restoration efforts in Coral Springs properties, which is why we have so many tools and products that assist in this effort.

At the core, air movers and dehumidifiers are foundational elements of thorough and complete drying efforts. We can monitor the progress of these tools with moisture meters and thermal imagery to ensure the highest production to avoid controlled demolition.

When your home needs water damage restoration, our SERVPRO of West Coral Springs / West Parkland team is ready to respond to help. With our quick mobilization during emergencies, we can begin vital mitigation efforts to reduce out-of-pocket expenses. Give us a call today at (954) 973-4130.

How Can Fast Mold Remediation Benefit Parkland Medical Facilities?

5/5/2021 (Permalink)

a wall covered in mold Mold can quickly and quietly overtake your home. Try calling team SERVPRO for effective mold damage remediation techniques.

Mold Can Spread Quickly in Moist Areas, and We Have Efficient Remediation for Parkland Properties

Moist areas can exist after storm damage and flooding, leading to mold and microbial development when not correctly and promptly addressed. Lingering moisture can facilitate mold colonies in as little as 48 hours, traveling through HVAC pathways and structural openings throughout the entire hospital.

How Can Black Mold Get Removed in Damp Areas of Parkland Facilities?

Black mold remediation in Parkland medical facilities must get taken seriously and acted on immediately. With how quickly mold colonies can spread throughout the structure, hundreds of patients and staff could become exposed and experience health effects.

A focused mold inspection can identify where colonies exist and the ideal mold removal option. To prevent controlled demolition when possible, we have several surface treatments that are considered first, including:

  • Power sanding
  • Aggressive cleaning
  • Antimicrobial products
  • Dry ice blasting

Containment barriers are often used if controlled demolition is needed. We can use negative air pressure with flexible ducts leading from air scrubbers to the exterior. Our most qualified technicians, certified AMRT’s, lead the mold remediation process. Often, a third party IH Industrial Hygienist is brought in by the client for air sampling and final inspection.

When mold remediation is needed in clinics and hospitals, there is an urgency to this work. Our SERVPRO of West Coral Springs / West Parkland team can respond fast to help when you call (954) 973-4130.

How Does Attic Flood Damage Get Removed in Coral Springs?

4/30/2021 (Permalink)

a flooded staircase with water everywhere Flood damage can occur in your attic, your basement or somewhere in between. Tackle flooding with a quick call to SERVPRO.

Our Fast Response for Water Removal and Cleanup Can Resolve Flood Damage in Coral Springs

Flood damage is more common in the area than many think. We have a fast storm damage response team to begin vital water removal services and other mitigation tasks to help.

Is Attic Flood Damage Common for Coral Springs?

When you consider how common flood damage in Coral Springs has become, it is not unlikely that many of these homes suffer some degree of flood damage to their attic spaces as well. Many homeowners do not recognize a problem in the attic until it reaches lower levels of the house where the living spaces exist. Because severe weather events can happen frequently, shingled roofs can be at risk for high winds, hail, torrential rainfall, and flying debris for vulnerabilities that allow water penetration.

How Do Water Removal Services Work on This Upper Floor?

Removing standing water in the attic space might be challenging, especially when this is an unfinished area of your home. Several extraction devices in our inventory can help remove clean flood water where it penetrates vulnerabilities in the roof or siding in the house. In many situations, high-pressure extractors are the ideal solution with the necessary head to discharge standing water from this area of the home to the appropriate drain out point. Wet vacuums can also be suitable because of their mobility and versatility in smaller spaces.

What Flood Damage Cleanup Practices Should Take Place?

If you have an unfinished attic, many exposed building materials like wood framing and insulation can become targets for spreading contaminants and other debris. Cleaning up after water penetration into the attic space of your home can require careful planning and execution, especially when flooring might be incomplete or inadequate to support equipment or several of our team members. We determine what the property needs and the best way to provide this service efficiently.

Can SERVPRO Conduct Post-Flood Repairs?

One of the advantages to choosing our SERVPRO of West Coral Springs / West Parkland team to help with flood damage cleanup and restoration is our general contractor license. This accreditation allows us to help with many of the repairs and reconstruction services your property might need after a flood loss. The job scoping phase can initially determine where controlled demolition and build back might be needed, but the final determination before construction begins often follows the bulk of flood restoration. Only after flood water extraction and most flood damage get removed with advanced cleaning practices can our technicians fully identify irreparable harm to specific building materials. We can help with:

  • Roof repairs
  • Siding repairs
  • Tree removal
  • Window replacement
  • Build back

No matter how devastating flood damage is for Coral Springs homes, our SERVPRO of West Coral Springs / West Parkland can help with efficient and thorough solutions. Give us a call today at (954) 973-4130.

What Is Necessary Before Repainting Surfaces During Fire Restoration in Coral Springs?

4/15/2021 (Permalink)

smoke and soot on walls and ceiling on kitchen Although the fire was small, smoke and soot traveled throughout the home. This is no DIY job. SERVPRO is always on call.

SERVPRO Cleans and Seals Surfaces During Fire Restoration in Coral Springs Homes

When restoring your fire-damaged home, you must decide how to deal with soiled walls, ceilings, and other surfaces. Cleaning or repainting are two standard solutions. Even when you opt to repaint the affected surfaces, some level of cleaning is necessary.

If fire restoration in a Coral Springs property requires surface repainting, the cleaning procedures do not have to leave surfaces visually clean, so the challenge is minimal. However, the method or products used must not interfere with the repainting process. SERVPRO technicians try to strike the perfect balance when handling:

When cleaning for paint in fire-damaged homes, our SERVPRO technicians remove loose residues such as soot. We also neutralize the acids in remnant residues and deodorize the property. Another alternative step is sealing the surface using a product like pigmented alcohol shellac to prepare it for repainting. Through such thorough groundwork, we can complete the restoration work satisfactorily.  

SERVPRO of West Coral Springs / West Parkland is a proficient fire restoration service provider. Call us at (954) 973-4130 for immediate assistance.

Struggling with Rust Stains after a Water Leak at Your Parkland Home?

4/7/2021 (Permalink)

heavy rain on roof The spring storm season is here. Should water invade your home call SERVPRO!

SERVPRO Chooses the Right Products to Handle Rust Stains During Water Cleanup

Rust development can be a significant issue after water intrusion incidents. It primarily affects upholstery, carpets, draperies, and other fabrics close to metallic parts such as zippers, buttons, curtain rods, or furniture legs.

After rust develops, the right approach is necessary when performing water cleanup in Parkland properties to guarantee effective removal. Removing rust from fabrics is challenging because it requires the appropriate chemical agents to neutralize the rust. The chosen cleaning agent must also match the type of material to avoid setting stains. SERVPRO technicians rely on their advanced training and experience in managing:

  • Burst pipes
  • Ceiling leaks
  • Flood restoration

One of the reliable solutions we use to manage rust stains is Rusticide, an oxalic-phosphoric compound. It works well on various materials, including wool, silk, cotton, linen, carpeting, and synthetic fibers.

Our SERVPRO technicians also help ensure the proper application of the solution. Spraying the solution directly to the rust stain and agitating the area with a bone scraper helps. For older stains, applying steam over the affected area after applying the Rusticide helps.

SERVPRO of West Coral Springs / West Parkland handles water cleanup conveniently. Call us at (954) 973-4130

Does Professional Assistance Ease Water Removal from Coral Springs Business Premises?

3/26/2021 (Permalink)

Back doors open on SERVPRO van exposing equipment inside Where is SERVPRO's equipment? Its already being used inside this local business to extract the water and dry the property.

For Convenient Water Removal from Your Corals Springs Facility, Call SERVPRO

There is a saying that Coral Springs is located nowhere, yet it is close to everything. It is a short drive away from other popular locations such as Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Coconut Creek, and other popular areas. It also neighbors the Everglades, where people partake in various thrilling activities like canoe trips, kayaking, and airboat rides.

A Relaxing Environment

Florida, in general, is considered a haven for retirees because of the warm weather and friendly tax laws. However, Coral Springs' master plan was geared towards younger people. Over the years, the median age has consistently been in the mid-30s. Several features, including a 182-acre Sportsplex and dozens of parks, help keep the younger residents occupied. Some of the top parks in the city include:

  • Cypress Park known for sports facilities, including four soccer fields and five ball fields.
  • Mullins Park, which offers a pleasant environment for relaxation.
  • Betti Stradling Park, which has a skate park and sports courts.

Housing in Coral Springs

In 2012, the city was listed 94th overall in the Money Magazine list of Top 100 Places to Live. It was the 3rd city on the list from Florida State. One factor that helps the municipality enjoy the favorable rating is the beautiful landscaping and diverse homes ranging from gated to non-gated.

Zoning rules help keep the neighborhoods upscale and pretty. For instance, any perimeter barriers set around properties must be the semi-privacy variant to allow wind-flow and visibility. The fences are also limited to 6 feet in height for the backyard and 4 feet for the front yard, ensuring clear visibility for drivers.  

The Best Places to Shop

Another remarkable aspect of the city is the variety and ease of access to shopping facilities. Some of the notable establishments include:

  • The Walk on University -It comprises approximately two city blocks and was created from renovating aging retail and office buildings and incorporating a vacant lot. The facility offers a unique experience for shoppers because they can walk around as they sample everything from fashion to dining facilities.
  • Coral square -It is an enclosed, climate-controlled shopping mall featuring many renowned stores like Kohl's, JCPenney, Macy's, and others.
  • Promenade at Coconut Creek -It is an open-air shopping mall with over 36 boutiques and stores, a luxury theater, and 14 restaurants offering the ultimate dining experience.

How SERVPRO Handles Water Removal from Corals Springs Businesses Safeguarding their Interests? 

People expect to find their favorite hangout or newly discovered joint in good condition when they go out. An issue like water leaks needs to be promptly addressed when it develops. Removing water trapped in wall cavities or pooling on surfaces is a crucial aspect of water damage remediation. SERVPRO invests in state-of-the-art technologies to handle water removal in any situation, including:

  • Leaking roof from storms
  • Cleaning up after a sewer backup
  • Removing water from burst pipes

One of the essential resources for handling water removal is the equipment type chosen. Our SERVPRO technicians have access to a wide variety of equipment that facilitates:

  • Speedy water extraction
  • Access to water in concealed areas without demolition
  • Removal of water with solid wastes

SERVPRO of West Coral Springs / West Parkland offers managed water removal in business premises professionally. Call us at (954) 973-4130 to assist you.

Should Professionals Handle Mold Removal in Coral Springs?

3/16/2021 (Permalink)

heavy mold and water damage on ceiling It doesn't take long for mold to grow. Look for signs of water damage often, and call SERVPRO to remediate any mold damage.

Adhering to EPA Mold Remediation is Why SERVPRO Delivers Results

Finding mold in your Coral Springs home can be a problematic experience. You might feel embarrassed because you think the microbial outbreak is a commentary on your housekeeping. Or you could be fearful of health effects because someone in your household has an allergy or susceptibility to irritation when mold is present. Trying to cope with a mold outbreak without training, experience, and equipment can make the situation worse.

What Process Does SERVPRO Do When Responding to a Mold Concern?

Coral Springs mold removal tactics that deliver the best results use research-based protocols. SERVPRO follows the EPA recommendations, the mold remediation industry's standard. Remediation is the EPA's term, as the complete elimination of mold and spores is impossible. We remove active mold growth and institute mold-inhibition interventions as follows:

  • Locate the mold (only testing if indicated as it is usually apparent where the mold grows)
  • Contain the affected area with 1.6 polyethylene and often the use of negative pressure, HEPA-filtered air scrubber
  • Remove the mold colonies with scrapers, brushes, and blasting of porous materials with soda or dry ice (blasting removes surface growth and incapacitates embedded hyphae)
  • Clean surfaces of moldy debris with HEPA-filtered vacuums
  • Bag moldy materials and dispose of according to local regulation as hazardous waste
  • Apply EPA-registered antimicrobials by broadcast or surface spraying
  • Arranging for the elimination of the moisture source that feeds the mold spores

Mold remediation results that make a difference are why SERVPRO of West Coral Springs / West Parkland should be your first call at (954) 973-4130. Contact us for an evaluation and mold colony removal plan.