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What Are the Steps of Successfully Drying a Coral Springs Residence?

5/26/2022 (Permalink)

two SERVPRO employees removing water damage from a hallway Dealing with water damage on your own can be quite overwhelming. Partner with SERVPRO during this time for effective remediation services.

Water damage cleanup and restoration in Coral Springs properties is a combination of focused approaches.

Every water damage restoration that a home or business has can be broken down over dozens of drying decisions made by competent professionals. Our SERVPRO management is best positioned to answer these questions and get the appropriate recovery and mitigation solutions started right away with accreditations in multiple facets of water restoration and cleaning services.

Where Does Moisture Damage Exist?

We rely on sophisticated tools in our inventory to help determine where drying and water mitigation services are needed in your Coral Springs home. Preventing water damage repairs is often directly attributed to quickly tracking migrating moisture and implementing drying practices. Tools used include:

  • Thermal imagery cameras/tablets
  • Surface moisture meters
  • Probing moisture detection units
  • Environmental hygrometer devices

Is The Water Damage Still Occurring?

One of the pressing concerns that must be answered by production management and the crew chief is what caused the water damage event and if that catalyst is still a concern. Flooding, for example, might have multiple penetration points that must get patched or repaired before water cleanup is successful.

How Can Water Damage Be Reached?

The placement of water damage can often be an obstacle for restorers and experienced technicians. Careful consideration determines where water exists and how moisture migrates through the property. Moisture detection equipment can be beneficial to track damp pockets when the effects are not visible on the surface. Depending on the damage that occurred, various kinds of water mitigation could be necessary, like:

  • Surface Water – Water on top of flooring is easy to diagnose. We have several extraction units to help manage pooling above subflooring before migration makes the situation worse.
  • Trapped Water – With plumbing and fixtures neatly installed within wall cavities and ceiling assemblies, the need for water removal services can also happen within these structural cavities. Drainage holes can alleviate pooling.
  • Free Water – To prevent water damage repairs, moisture must be managed before moving beyond this stage. Free water is saturated into materials like wood but has yet to alter the structural element physically.
  • Bound Water – When the water damage reaches this infiltration stage to materials like wood plank flooring, the damage is often irreversible. The material composition has changed, and demolition is the next logical step.

How Many Units Are Needed?

The necessary equipment and products for efficient drying and recovery change by the hour. Moisture monitoring and environmental tracking show the effectiveness of various drying equipment and unit combinations. Maximum drying production balances the surface impacts of air movers with the environmental humidity management of dehumidifiers. Documenting drying progress in SERVPRO DryBook software shows where additional units or a reconfiguration of currently deployed equipment could be necessary.

Would It Save Money to Replace Materials?

The answer to this question determines where and when reconstruction and repair services are necessary. With a contractor license (CBC1261730) and years of experience serving Heron Bay and the Greater Coral Springs region, we can provide the needed personnel to complete these tasks when necessary. In some scenarios, it is less costly and time-consuming to remove affected building materials like drywall rather than stage equipment and dry the affected panels meticulously.

The drying and restoration process is one of the more intricate processes that our SERVPRO of West Coral Springs / West Parkland team must perform. We carefully evaluate the property’s condition and the possible steps to create the most efficient water damage restoration and recovery path. Our WRT-Certified technicians are ready 24/7 at (954) 973-4130.

Why Is Fast Fire Restoration Important for Coral Springs Homes?

5/26/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO van sitting in a driveway When your home experiences a fire, call SERVPRO! We have the knowledge to restore your home quickly.

Post-fire damage recovery by our professionals gets you back into your home quickly.

People are displaced when a fire occurs, and everyday life is fragmented until fire damage restoration completes. Our team has experience at every level, letting us rapidly evaluate property conditions and work with third-party firms like your insurance provider to get the appropriate mitigation and fire restoration solutions started as soon as possible.

Working with Home Insurance Firms

Many house fires will involve your insurance provider. When dealing with a firm that determines what your home needs and how much they are willing to pay for this recovery, it is beneficial to have a preferred vendor for insurance claim work on your side. We can help get damage claims approved quickly, so there are fewer delays in starting the fire damage restoration your Coral Springs property needs. We help with:

  • Detailed estimations
  • Damage documentation
  • Timely restoration plans
  • Budgetary limitations
  • Adjuster priorities

Quick Dispatch of Experienced Fire Restoration Professionals

The statement that We're Faster To Any Size Disaster is more than a slogan for our SERVPRO team. With the 24/7 availability of experienced fire restoration professionals, there are no delays in getting the right personnel to your doorstep to start the mitigation and emergency services.

Emergency Services Prevent Greater Harm

Emergency services after a fire can include multiple actions but typically focus on the most pressing concerns presenting safety hazards for occupants or the responding technicians. For this reason, we prioritize removing structurally compromised building materials, indoor air contaminants, and combustion debris before fire mitigation.

Mitigating Fire Damage  

The fire mitigation process can involve the needed cleaning approaches to overcome soot, smoke, and fire damage threats present in the property. We can quickly overcome immediate damages for a more efficient restoration process using industry-leading solvents, detergents, equipment, and practices.

Industry-Leading Fire Damage Restoration Equipment

A restoration team is only as good as the equipment and products at their disposal. This is an area where SERVPRO has invested heavily, ensuring that our experienced professionals are equipped with industry-leading tools for fast fire and smoke damage cleanup.

  • Extractors – Water damage is often a secondary threat to homes and businesses during fire damage restoration. Extinguishment can leave pools of water that wet vacuums and submersible pumps must remove.
  • Air Filtering – The condition of the environment is critical upon arrival for fire restoration services. Indoor air quality can become compromised by soot and contaminants, requiring the strategic placement of HEPA air scrubbers in the house to trap harmful particulates.
  • Surface Cleaning – Several methods overcome soot and smoke residues and clean the underlying surface. Abrasive cleaning requires specialized equipment for pressurized media blasting or removing portions of damaged building materials.
  • Odor Management – While the presence of smoke odors is expected after a structure fire, there are multiple tools and products necessary to overcome these noxious smells and restore comfortable living conditions. We rely on deodorizing tools like ozone machines and foggers to regulate widespread smoke malodors.

You need a fast fire restoration response after a disaster. Because of how rapidly conditions like soot and smoke soils can overwhelm a property, our SERVPRO of West Coral Springs / West Parkland team is ready to mobilize quickly when these structure fire threats exist. We can help 24/7 when you call (954) 973-4130.

What Should You Do About Mold Damage in Your Coral Springs Home?

5/26/2022 (Permalink)

Extensive mold damage on a wall under a window We have state-of-the-art equipment ready 24/7 to restore your home or business after mold damage. Call us right away.

Mold Remediation is Needed Quickly when Colonies are Discovered in Coral Springs Properties

Moist conditions in your home that persist for a couple of days can produce the right conditions to facilitate mold and microbial threats. Forming colonies target organic building materials, cardboard, and contents as hosts for the organism. Mold remediation is more of a pressing need for your property when mold damage is discovered than many homeowners realize.

Is Mold a Hazard?

It is essential to appreciate how destructive and potentially hazardous the development of mold colonies can be for your home or business. Every type of mold damage in Coral Springs can adversely impact hosting materials and the household. Each of these situations should be treated with urgency. That is why we invest the time and resources into developing experienced remediators equipped with the top mold removal equipment in the industry.

Signs of Mold Damage in Your Home

As destructive as microbial growth could be for your property, mold damage is not always as easy to spot and diagnose as you might believe. There are indicators that a problem could exist that encourage you to pursue mold remediation and cleanup. Mold inspections are the trusted standard in identifying active colonization, but some factors could point to a developing issue:

  • Spotting: The easiest way to identify mold damage in your house is physical signs of a colony's presence. Spotting is the earliest physical signal of mold development and appears as small discoloration points on hosting materials in moist environments.
  • Moist Environments – Persistent moist areas of your home are welcoming to mold growth, so damp attics and crawlspaces can likely experience colonization.
  • Malodors – The facilitation of mold typically generates a distinguishable, musty smell. The more widespread the colonization becomes, the stronger the malodor. The scent can indicate a problem before mold enters the main living space.

How Can SERVPRO Prevent the Situation from Getting Worse?

Containment plays a vital role in effective and efficient mold remediation. Our IICRC training allows us to erect physical barriers to create a perimeter around the damaged area. A set work zone promotes faster drying, mold removal, and deodorization.

Mold Removal Solutions for Residences

There are multiple types of mold remediation possible for area homes that vary based on the extent of the damage and the affected hosting material. It is the focus of our responding remediators to avoid controlled demolition and reconstruction when possible. We begin with surface cleaning approaches and mold inhibitors, but we'll often need to pursue more aggressive and abrasive cleaning tactics to reach the entire organism migrating beyond the surface.

Post-Mold Cleanup and Repair

The final stages of mold remediation and cleanup of your property is also an area of expertise for our SERVPRO team. The professionals determine where repairs and build back are necessary, as well as final cleaning measures like deodorization, to ensure we remedy the mold damage and restore the property, "Like it never even happened."

Mold remediation is a common need for our coastal communities when humidity or storm damages impact area homes. Our SERVPRO of West Coral Springs / West Parkland team is ready to help after mold damage 24/7 at (954) 973-4130.

Expert Mold Removal for Commercial Spaces in Coral Springs

5/25/2022 (Permalink)

mold growth along wall We help local businesses with microbial infestation, mold removal, and mold remediation.

SERVPRO Technicians in Coral Springs are Trained in Mold Remediation

Mold is a type of microorganism that can pollute indoor environments. As a premises manager, staying on top of potential microbial infestation is at the forefront of your concern. A mold outbreak can delay business output by forcing some or all premises to be temporarily closed. We are a fast-acting team of remediation technicians that can help restore your business premises.

You may need commercial mold removal services in Coral Springs if you notice any symptoms of microbial growth. These symptoms are commonly linked to musty smells or visible growth that appears on surfaces. In this industry, remediation is the process of preventing mold from growing back, whereas removal is the demolishing of infested materials. In most commercial premises, both these activities must occur to return the premises to a usable condition. Microbial infestation can exponentially grow if given enough time, so we recommend that you reach out for professional remediation services at the first sign of damage. We help local businesses with:

  • Microbial infestation
  • Mold removal
  • Mold remediation

Microbes need very little light to grow, which means a musty odor or visible infestation can often be the tip of the iceberg. Common areas where mold spreads are underneath carpet laminate, pad, or subfloor. Acoustic tiles can support microbial growth, while ductwork inside air conditioning units can also be standard for microbial buildup. Some materials, such as sheet metal, can be easily cleaned using chemical or abrasive cleaning equipment. Other materials, such as textiles, which are naturally porous, may need to be removed and destroyed to avoid infestation. SERVPRO’s IICRC trained team can professionally reinstall any non-salvageable materials on your business premises.

  • Microbes feed off organic matter, which they convert into energy for growth. This matter can include carpets, acoustic tiles, drywall, or dirt. 
  • Resilient molds can grow in almost any temperature, but most strains thrive between 68 and 96 Fahrenheit.
  • It is vital to maintain an indoor relative humidity level below 60% to reduce mold growth in a business
  • . This humidity can be achieved with dehumidification or air conditioning.

If your business is infested with microbial organisms, contact SERVPRO of West Coral Springs / West Parkland for commercial mold removal at (954) 973-4130.

Cleaning Soot from Coral Springs Kitchen Countertops

5/25/2022 (Permalink)

fire damaged kitchen SERVPRO can help you get that soot out of your Coral Springs kitchen so you can get back to cooking.

Let us Get that Soot Out of Your Coral Springs Kitchen

Soot and smoke residues can be among the most challenging symptoms to overcome after a fire occurs in Coral Springs homes. Even with some experience in fire recovery and soot removal, many homeowners lack the advanced training and cutting-edge equipment available to our restoration specialists to better protect your property and possessions. Approaching the cleaning of surfaces like countertops can be especially risky without the proper technique and equipment, which can often lead to staining and smearing that can become impossible to remedy.

Kitchen flare-ups can be a conventional catalyst to fire damage in Coral Springs homes, and they can often keep the conditions and effects concentrated in this highly trafficked area of your house. Our SERVPRO professionals must assess the scope of the damage with our initial arrival, working quickly to determine how difficult the situation is and the best approaches to restore individual symptoms. Soot and smoke residue removal is a scenario our experienced professionals get trained to handle. We arrive with a full array of cleaning products, tools, and machines to efficiently manage the situation.

We have several approaches for eliminating the presence of soot residues on countertops, which usually begins with vacuuming loose particulates from the surface with a high-powered vacuum. Our SERVPRO team can then utilize chemical sponges, either wet or dry depending on the situation, in deliberate and skilled swipes to eliminate soot on the surface.

Our technicians can implement machines for abrasive cleaning techniques like media and soda blasting for more challenging materials. These approaches can fully eradicate the presence of soot but do not damage the substrate in the process. This process is used to eliminate mold colonies and protect hosting materials in homes and businesses.

Particular countertops get made of premium materials that can be very costly to replace. Our SERVPRO of West Coral Springs / West Parkland professionals have the right equipment and expertise to address these effects wherever they get found and make the fire loss event “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call anytime at (954) 973-4130.

Our Technicians Discuss the Principles of Water Damage Restoration In Coral Springs

5/25/2022 (Permalink)

'Need Help?' sign Call us at (954) 973-4130 to begin the process as soon as possible for the best outcome.

Principles Of Water Damage Restoration in Coral Springs

When your Coral Springs home suffers a water loss, the cause is less important than the response. Dramatic events like storms or floods are far less likely than a leaky pipe or a malfunctioning household appliance. No matter the route water took to get into your home, we systematically work to remove it and dry out the wet structural components. Following industry best practices developed by the international standard-setting Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) ensures success.

Expect our crew leader to perform an individualized assessment of the water damage done in your Coral Springs home. We pride ourselves on a thorough evaluation of your scenario and adapt our response to the particular circumstances of your emergency. Our IICRC-trained technicians carefully consider the water we see and the moisture that migrated away from the initially affected area.

SERVPRO service vehicles stock multiple submersible pumps, wanded extractors, air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers to accomplish water removal and structural drying. We also have moisture meters and thermal imaging devices to assist as we map out the accurate dimensions of the water infiltration in your home.

We remove both visible and hidden standing water with pumps or extractors. If needed, we perform controlled demolition such as flood cuts or drilled holes to access trapped moisture and enhance our drying equipment's effect in confined spaces. Only when the SERVPRO crew is satisfied that no liquid water remains do we switch the focus to Applied Structural Drying (ASD).

This discipline shortens drying times and makes it much less likely that progressive deterioration and secondary damage such as mold damage occurs. Our ASD-certified technicians deploy air movers, dehumidifiers, and other drying equipment per your personalized drying plan. We monitor moisture and temperature using sensitive devices, controlling the relative humidity RH and specific humidity (SH) to create an optimal environment for efficient drying.

Depend on SERVPRO of West Coral Springs / West Parkland to manage your water damage emergency professionally. Call us at (954) 973-4130 to begin the process as soon as possible for the best outcome.

Recover From Flood Damage After a Coral Springs Storm

4/29/2022 (Permalink)

Car driving thorough Water in the Road Let our fast response team at SERVPRO of West Coral Springs/West Parkland eliminate your storm flood damage.

SERVPRO’s Flood Damage Response is Second to None in Coral Springs

Nothing dampens your day more than a major storm, especially when it brings significant wind and rain damage to your Coral Springs property. Whether you face a leaking roof from storms that left hefty debris or encountered flooding coming into your carport or central areas of your home, SERVPRO can help! We offer storm response 24/7 so that you can start drying your interior safely to get it back to pre-storm flood condition. 

With any storm flood damage in Coral Springs, you need to clean it up quickly. The sooner you have our skilled technicians on the job performing water removal services, the easier it is to limit damage and thwart potentially harmful mold growth. 

These Are a Few Things You Should Do in the Event of Flood Damage:

  • Should any wiring be wet, shut off your main power and do not turn it on again until it gets checked by an electrician.
  • Open your windows (if the rain has stopped) to let in the fresh air. 
  • If you feel black mold is already developing, do not turn on any fans as the spores can spread. 
  • Any food items or medications that came into contact with floodwaters should be disposed of.

Controlled demolition is often part of any significant flooding situation with contaminated water. Our trusted contractors work to restore versus replace whenever possible, but carpeting, flooring, and drywall that has become saturated might call for total removal and replacement. 

Contact our certified technicians at SERVPRO of West Coral Springs/West Parkland if your home falls victim to storm flooding. We are on call day and night, and you can reach us by dialing (954) 973-4130. You can always count on the SERVPRO team to make it “Like it never even happened.”

Water Damage In Your Coral Springs Home

4/29/2022 (Permalink)

Water On Floor Water loss incidents can cause significant damage to homes.

SERVPRO Has the Expertise to Handle Water Damage In Your Coral Springs Home

Pipes can leak because of poor plumbing and lead to water damage in Coral Springs homes. Extreme temperatures can also cause pipe bursts. Leaving the water to dry naturally may create a favorable environment for mold growth, musty odors, rotting of carpeting, and weakening of wood, which can lead to costly repairs. If you have experienced such a problem, you need restoration services from an experienced company like SERVPRO.

Our highly trained technicians can handle the water damage in your Coral Springs residence by providing fast and professional water removal and drying services. We perform water damage restoration better since we have access to the proper restoration equipment, highly trained technicians, and the skill to handle water damage of any size or scope. When you enlist our restoration services, you do not have to worry about:

  •   Unpleasant odors.
  •   Mold can cause health effects.
  •   Structural damage.

SERVPRO technicians can use advanced procedures and equipment to mitigate water loss. We can inspect the affected area to determine the proper restoration procedures. Our team can use devices like penetrating and non-penetration moisture meters, infrared cameras, and thermal hygrometers to track moisture within your home.

To remove the moisture, our technicians can use different drying equipment depending on the size of the affected area. If the affected area is large, we can use axial air movers to dry your home. This equipment moves large volumes of air and can, therefore, cover large areas of affected materials. Our technicians can also dehumidify your property and deodorize it. This way, you and your family can continue living in a healthy and odor-free environment.

We also have skilled contractors who can rebuild any ruined areas of your property. Our reconstruction team can work to resolve structural and aesthetic issues. Some of the tasks we can complete include repairing hardwood floors, removing and replacing drywall, repairing tile flooring, and painting. Hiring one restoration company to remove the water and rebuild the affected structures is convenient and cost-effective.

SERVPRO offers competitive prices on water damage restoration tasks, and we guarantee all our services fully. Our personnel is devoted to providing quality support and knows how to work with insurance companies. Our staff can assist you with the insurance claims you may need to file. Customer satisfaction is our primary goal.

Water loss incidents can cause significant damage to homes. Call SERVPRO of West Coral Springs / West Parkland at (954) 973-4130 for professional restoration services immediately after noticing such an incident.

Avoid Delays When Dealing with Coral Springs Flooding

4/29/2022 (Permalink)

aerial view flooded neighborhood When flooding devastates the area, be the first one to seek water removal and remediation services from SERVPRO. We handle both large and small scale.

Protecting Contents of Flooded Coral Springs Homes

Flooding situations can immediately threaten entire levels of Coral Springs homes. Intruding water can carry debris, bacteria, and other contaminants into the residence, threatening both the structural elements and exposed contents in the house. Protecting your belongings is a priority of our responding SERVPRO restoration technicians. We have many levels of care that we can provide in this time of need.

Even pre-mitigation, one of the emergency services that our team can provide against threatening flood damage in Coral Springs homes, is immediate content management. While more complex solutions like pack-out procedures take coordination and multiple technicians working toward this recovery, short-term solutions can often have a similar ability to prevent irreparable harm to your belongings.

Working with Our Customers 

No one knows your home as you do. We rely on your input and information when beginning all emergency services and mitigation tasks. We want to make sure that we are meeting your expectations, and part of that commitment is protecting the belongings and treasures that you hold most dear when possible after a flood loss.


Before the full measure of our restoration technicians arrive with the restoration equipment and products that your residence needs, we can start with preliminary content management. Moving items out of migrating flood water can protect it from devastating deterioration and irreparable damages. From moving your possessions up a floor in your residence to an unaffected garage, finding a safe storage area on-site is vital.

Pack-Out Services

The top tiers of our content management services involve carefully packing and removing your belongings, furniture, and other possessions from the scene. We can transport these items to our nearby SERVPRO facility for focused cleaning, drying, decontamination, deodorization, and safe storage. We can restage these possessions in their specific rooms and positions to make the move-back process efficient when restoration completes inside the house.

Flooding can be a traumatic situation for homeowners and can destroy many belongings that make your house a home. You can count on our SERVPRO of West Coral Springs / West Parkland team to make flood losses “Like it never even happened,” by calling (954) 973-4130.

Professional Water Removal Overview for Your Coral Springs Residence

4/4/2022 (Permalink)

flooded home Rely on SERVPRO to extract any floodwater in your Coral Springs home; and then a beautiful build back or remodel, "Like it never even happened."

Coral Springs Water Damage Solutions

When your Coral Springs home faces exposure to significant water incursion, you need to arrange for the fast and thorough evacuation of the fluids. Water is a surprisingly corrosive substance capable of causing substantial damage to both structural components and the contents of your dwelling in a matter of hours. Our Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)-trained managers and technicians bring the requisite knowledge, experience, and equipment to mitigate and remediate the water damage.  

Damage Assessment and Project Planning

A seasoned project manager evaluates the damage and develops a plan for rapid water removal in your Coral Springs dwelling. We visually inspect the affected area and use specialized devices to help trace water migration from the initial loss site. Water can percolate through several flooring layers and seep into cavities behind walls, below floors, and above ceilings. Instruments like thermal imaging cameras and moisture detectors help us locate trapped water and determine the spread of moisture absorbed into building materials and fixtures.

We Prepare to Avoid Work Delays

Once we assess the site, our Water Damage Restoration Technicians (WRT) can begin water removal immediately because we stock all needed equipment on our signature green vehicles. Submersible pumps carry water deeper than two inches away while wanded, truck-mounted extractors and squeegees suction fluids off surfaces and from floor coverings. SERVPRO knows the more liquid we extract, the more efficient structural drying strategies can be. 

Do Not Fear Controlled Demolition 

To gain access to hidden water and damp building, cavities SERVPRO uses techniques like weep holes and flood cuts. Careful punching of drainage holes releases water in ceilings or behind bubbling paint. We often choose to cut soaked drywall several inches above the water line to remove it for more thorough extraction and to permit warm, moving air to begin the structural drying process. After water removal and drying, we arrange for repair, replacement, and rebuilding of partially removed or damaged structures.

Water Removal Includes the Drying Protocol

Excess moisture provides a perfect growing environment for mold, so SERVPRO must bring structural and ambient moisture levels to normal. Our Applied Structural Drying (ASD) crew positions commercial air movers and adjusts temperatures to move water from building materials to the air as vapor. High-efficiency dehumidifiers capture and condense or absorb the moisture for disposal.

SERVPRO of West Coral Springs / West Parkland offers a highly qualified team of water removal experts to members of our community. Call (954) 973-4130 for an assessment, water removal plan, and implementation 24/7.